Frequent Asked Questions “ThailandPlus” Application

About ThailandPlus

The “ThailandPlus” is an application which developed to further the functions of the “MorChana” application, it uses GPS and Bluetooth data to detect locations of mobile phone, combined with check-in records via QR code scanning in locations and between users in order to record the journey in the database and to analyze and process such data.

1. Evaluates COVID-19 contagious risk to each user, which is beneficial to the user to be received notifications about how likely the user may be infected as they have been travelling at the locations near infected persons.

2. Analyzes the infection risk that arising from being close or have touched infected person and consider possible symptom conditions (if any) for the users.

3. Advises how to properly behave in order to give necessary information to related medical officers in monitoring, investigation, and further treatment

4. Brings confidence to entrepreneurs, locale owners and guest, rehabilitates businesses to confidently and safely operate again.

5. Collects data that can be analyzed and used to estimate of COVID-19 spreading situation in order to have proper monitoring and preparing for preventive measures.

ThailandPlusis developed by the cooperation of multiple parties, such as the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society, The Department of Consular Affairs, The Department of Disease Control, the Tourism Authority of Thailand and the Airports of Thailand Public Company Limited.

In the present, the Digital Government Development Agency (Public Organization) or so called “DGA” is function of collection, storage and processing the data in relation with the Application under the supervision of The Department of Disease Control and the Data Governance Council and also in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 (2019).

Visitors who come to Thailand that have been granted certificates under the order of CCSA 8/2020, They will have permit documents such as the Certificate of Entry

(COE) or other documents as prescribed by the Government.

The Application is a tool to support doctors, nurses, medical officers and relevant public authorities which are officially assigned to keep up with COVID-19 pandemic monitoring, preventive measure preparing and infection risk minimizing. As the Application is able to track locations and help officers to investigate that users are having record of travelling or be in places near infected person or risky group, so the users can self-estimate their risk of infection and know how to go under infection screening process in due time. Nevertheless, the COVID-19 pandemic situation is the National agenda for Thailand, it needs cooperation from all sectors to campaign the efficient use of the ThailandPlus Application and also regular scanning of QR code check-in at arrival places that are helping the database to be advantage to protect user and people surrounding from COVID-19 infection.

The Application is designed to be a journey recorder for users. Disease Control Officers can investigate to such records in order to assess whether the user has been encountering or close to COVID-19 infected or risk group during the specified duration, so users can self-estimate their risk of infection and knowi how to go under infection screening process in due time..

However, the tracking location technology is therefore lack of accuracy in some situations, it may result in showing around 5 meters deviation of the location identified, and also may not be able to track location of user vertically or in multi-floor building. Moreover, the tracking technology cannot detect whether users are wearing masks, groves or other defensive equipment or not. So the function of the ThailandPlus Application which need users to scan QR codes at places together with data from Bluetooth and GPS technology would be the most dedicated way to monitor the spreading of COVID-19 more accurate in terms of location and risk.

When access to Official places, department stores or shops, there will be a QR code available to be scanned by visitors. Users of ThailandPlus shall open the Application and choose “Scan QR ” whenever arrive at or depart from places.

ThailandPlus Installation and Registration

ThailandPlus is available at App Store for IOS, Play Store for Android and Huiwei Galaxy for Huiwei operating system.

The Application is compatible to smartphones that having operating system of Android, iOS and Huawei.

1. Visitors download the Application from Google Play Store , App Store or Huawei Galaxy

2. In the first page of the Application will notify users of enabling GPS and select “Get Started”

3. Users acknowledge ThailandPlus privacy policy

4. Choose profile picture or take a new profile photo, then select “Next” (Profile picture should not older than 1 month, not wearing hat and sunglasses but eyeglasses are acceptqble)

5. Input COE (Certificate of Entry) number and Reference ID obtained from Embassy or Consulate.

6. Check the correctness of data filled, where all data correct or select reverse arrow where there is something to change, the Application will be back to profile picture page so the users can edit data in item 3 and 4. If everything right tap submit to continue.

7.Where all data are correct, the system will authenticate the data, when finish, select “Start” then the Application will show “QR Code” page

8. The registration of ThailandPlus is done. Users are ready to travel to the Kingdom of Thailand.

Remarks: please see the manual of the ThailandPlus Application

Normally, the Application does not allow users to edit the registered data. However, where editing is necessary, user can request for editing at the screening point at the Airport of Thailand.

In ThailandPlus go to Settings – Advanced Settings -Security – look for Download apps from unknown sources, Install apps from unknown sources then click Enable

Users can find more information a

How does ThailandPlus work

When the Application is successfully installed, visitors will get a QR Code displayed in Green color representing low risk of infection (referred from COVID-free testing result 72 hours before departure). After arrive in Thailand, visitors will enter into a 14 days quarantine process, The Department of Disease Control will take visitor’s temperature and examination. If a visitor is found COVID-19 infection, the Department of Disease Control will change the QR Code color to Red (the Department of Disease Control is the only authority that have right to change QR Code color), nevertheless, there are 4 colors specified by the Department of Disease Control namely Green, Yellow, Orange and Red arranged by low risk to high risk respectively. Moreover, when users enter into the places and scan QR Code at the places to check-in, if it appears that it is about the same place and time as COVID-19 infected persons go, ThailandPlus will send notification directly to user’s phone informing that the user becomes risky group now and then giving information how to properly adjust next, for example, quarantining, monitoring or getting to be examined at hospitals. For that reason, users will be asked for further personal information in order to support medical officers, which will be in compliance with the regulations of the Department of Disease Control.

In summary, ThailandPlus operates in 3 formats as following:

1. Scans Bluetooth to obtain Bluetooth ID Contact of mobile phones that are near, the system can track and send notification to the user’s phone when there is a COVID-19 infected or risky group appearing close to, or retrospectively send notification to the user who was close or near to infected or risky group in the right around that time.

2. Uses GPS Sampling location of user, and combines it with Contact data in item 1 in order to estimate infection risk areas.

3. Uses QR Code and check-in system to assess users who enter into places including use of public transportation.

Elementarily, ThailandPlus database gets data via people downloading and scanning QR Codes check-in at places. When the Application is fully developed, such data would be used to support medical officers in travel record investigation of the patients, being the tool to estimate COVID-19 infection risk of the user themselves, getting information, notification and how to do in relation to risk level of the user and infection situation during that time.

The QR Code on ThailandPlus can be separated into 2 types: for users of the application and business/locales owners On one hand, the QR Code for user is created when user has successfully downloaded and installed the Application, it can be used as the user’s “Health ID” in order to access to differenct places. Colors of the QR Code represent infection risk of each user, the colors can only be changed by The Department of Disease Control. Apart from classifying infection risk, the QR Code has direct beneficial where user gets to doctor, as doctor can do assessment by using travelling data from the QR Code and finding out whether who the user has met or gotten closed to.

On the other hand, QR Code that available at locales/business is used for check-in/out scanning, so to confirm travelling records of the user in the more accurate way.

Primarily , ThailandPlus separates users to be 2 groups in relation to color code imposed by The Department of Disease Control as following:

Green for user with the lowest risk of infection, which has passed COVID-Free assessment 72 hours before departure and has no any symptom.

Red for COVID-19 infected or user with the highest risk of infection, which will be changed QR Code color only by the Department of Disease Control, must restrain and get symptomatic treatment.

Color code may be added in the future depending on its implication which will be set by The Department of Disease Control

During first 14 days that user is in quarantine process, the user must enable Share Location Function in order to declare themselves to the Thailand Public Health Officers that He/She is complied with the conditions imposed for staying in Thailand. After the user is already overdue 60 days since the arrival in Thailand, quarantine period included, the user can independently choose whether to continue using ThailandPlus and enabling Share Location Function or not. However, to enable Share Location is recommended as the user will get useful information and accurate notification to prevent from COVID-19 infection.

If user finds that his/her has risk of infection, getting to doctor for investigation process is recommended. User may be asked to provide more information in order to support medical officers in assessment before gets into treatment process, immediately go to hospital and wear defensive equipment such as facemask are recommended to limit the chance of COVID-19. spreading

If public authority finds that his/her has risk of infection is about to get in contact, They should recommend him/her to follow the doctor instructions such as do self-quarantine, go to hospital to be tested, use disinfectant and facemask including refrain service to limit the risk escalation if necessary. In case of contacting with high risk user, the public authority shall immediately take that person to clinic/hospital to limit the chance of COVID-19 spreading.

For further ThailandPlus usage information please look up on or contact Tourist Police Bureau Call Center 1155.

If it is concerned the personal data protection please email to or DGA call center 026126060

Only GPS system isn’t enough for positioning precision that may cause error in certain distances especially when it comes to indoor distancing measurement. Bluetooth is hence used to suppress this limit; allowing ThailandPlus to better identify close contact and its distance. ( distance that close enough for infection)

It is recommended to turn Bluetooth on in order to provide precise close contact information especially when it comes to high risk close contact case.

Data Privacy and Security

Only the authorized officers from The Department of Disease Control can access to ThailandPlus users’ personal data; they are the solely team that hold the private key to confirm user’s identity only when user is proved to be COVID-19 positive as well as those with close contacts who might be at risk and need to be informed for testing.

Moreover, The Department of Disease Control has formed data governance committee to inspect ThailandPlus data management process complying with PDPA 2562. Also the committee is responsible for revising and and enabling data process improvement that should adapt to dynamic situation.

ThailandPlus database is especially designed for data security and prevention of privacy violation by divided the database into 2 parts, Also, only the authorized users from The Department of Disease Control are allowed to combine these parts.

Besides, authorized private data processors will be strictly compelled and controlled under Non Disclosure Agreement that require parties to strictly follow instructions both during and after project period.

COE number acquired from ThailandPlus users will be separately stored from the journey record. Only the authorized officers from department of disease control can see this data in the case that user is tested COVID-19 positive or user has been close enough to be at risk.

Both Yes and No

Yes because ThailandPlus will record location and close contact.

And No because COE number will be transformed to anonymous ID. If an unauthorized user would access to this data he/she cannot track back to the data subject. But if that data subject feel not well healthcare officer will contact authorized user from Department of Disease Control. We will use QR Code display in ThailandPlus to initiate the journey query; where ThailandPlus user has been and who has been in close contact.

The Department of Disease control shall encrypt acquired data by using their own public key. Then they will store this data in the database that is used only anonymous ID for data retrieving. Only The Department of Disease Control is authorized for data decryption and contact to patients or close contact who may be at risk. Without this private key, no one can access to the information behind.